How does having a Solar System affect the selling process of your home?

Written by U.S.SolarEnergy

Selling a home can be a formidable task; you may think having a solar system would make it more complicated. But the opposite is true. New buyers and real estate brokers are increasingly aware of solar panels’ added value when selling a house.

Indeed, several studies have demonstrated that installing a solar system increases your home’s value and makes the sale process much faster. Here we will discuss some of your options to alleviate the stress of selling your sun-powered home and how the way you finance your system can impact that process.

At U.S Solar Energy, we have several ways in which you can finance a solar system for your home. Here are the financing options we currently offer and what we consider the best approach when selling your property.

Cash Purchase: 

Suppose you paid for your solar system in full. In that case, the easiest method is to include the system’s value in the asking price, just like you would with a renovation or a roof improvement. You can also make sure to mention the advantages of purchasing a home with solar panels, emphasizing the electricity savings they will experience over the system’s lifetime – this is a great selling point for any homeowner, especially those concerned about climate change.


Financing a solar system with a loan allows homeowners to have a solar system installed with zero money down. It enables eligible homeowners to take advantage of all the government benefits for going solar, like the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) and similar state and local solar incentives. When it comes to selling a house with a solar loan, there are a few options to consider.

U.S. Solar Energy allows you to transfer the loan to the buyer if their credit meets the necessary criteria. Another option is to include the remaining loan amount in the selling price; remember that a solar system is a home upgrade that should help you obtain a higher price for the house and, in turn, help to pay off your loan.


Suppose you have a lease on your solar system. In that case, U.S. Solar Energy allows you to transfer the lease to the buyer if they meet certain credit criteria.

New homeowners increasingly understand the value and savings they would experience when choosing a home with solar panels. Whether they are interested in cutting down electricity bills or having more energy independence, buyers will appreciate the safety and peace of mind that comes with a home that produces its own clean energy.

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