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Fully-integrated system with a 25-year comprehensive warranty.

  • Solar, storage, and software are designed as one complete package to work together perfectly.
  • Become energy independent with the ability to generate, use, and save your own power.
  • Gain peace of mind with our industry-leading 25-year comprehensive warranty that includes performance, labor and parts.

A solar system is composed of many components that must work together to turn sunlight into energy savings. Our comprehensive warranty structure covers every aspect of your system for 25 years. We provide repair or replacement – including labor and shipping – at no additional cost.

Most other solar companies give you a patchwork of manufacturer warranties, leaving you to deal with multiple companies. With U.S. Solar Energy, we take care of everything, and we are always a phone call away.

Solar Panels

Most efficient, most reliable

  • Get more power with fewer panels on your roof with record-setting efficiency.
  • Generate more energy over the long-term with industry-leading production warranties.
  • Sleek, all-black panels with hidden microinverters optimize your system’s production.


Our solar panels are the most efficient in the market. Industry-leading efficiency means that more energy can be produced with fewer panels, reducing additional system components and allowing us to install higher capacity systems that occupy less space on your roof.

Concealed Genius

Our solar panels have built-in microinverters hidden behind each panel to optimize power conversion at the source—minimizing disruptions and eliminating the need for bulky external inverters.

Minimalist Design

Our proprietary mounting system is designed to be completely hidden, producing a sleek look that complements any style of architecture.

Built to last

Long-term reliability is a hallmark of our panels. While all solar panels lose production capacity as they age, over the 25-year life of your system, our panels lose less compared the competition, resulting in greater savings for you.

EV Chargers

Use your solar energy to charge your electric vehicle (EV).

  • Transitioning to a sustainable, all-electric lifestyle has never been more convenient and affordable.
  • Industry-leading technology is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market.
  • Rugged and elegant – the weatherproof case can be installed virtually anywhere.
Charging your electric vehicle is effortless with our safe and fast EV chargers. You have the flexibility to schedule charging sessions while you are asleep, having dinner, or during off-peak hours when electricity prices are lower. Access your data via a mobile app and use charging insights to charge more efficiently. With some models, you can transform your vehicle into a powerful source of energy for your home with bi-directional power flow. Turn your EV into an energy storage unit that can add capacity to your home battery.

Energy Storage

Power when you need it most

  • Available in multiple sizes depending on your energy needs.
  • Modular architecture allows you to increase capacity if your energy needs change.
  • Elegantly designed to be installed inside or outside of your home.
Our intelligent energy storage systems give you power when you need it most. In the evening, when your solar is not producing, you can draw energy from your battery to help decrease the amount of energy you use from the grid, particularly during peak rate periods. If your battery gets depleted, your home will seamlessly shift back to the grid. If there is a power outage in your neighborhood, our energy storage system keeps the lights on, powering your essential appliances and electronics. Larger storage systems can even power you whole home. Your monitoring app allows you to see how much energy remains in the battery in real time.

Energy Management Software

Monitor performance and control your storage

  • Puts the power to monitor your system performance and control your battery settings in the palm of your hand
  • View your solar production, home consumption, and battery status
  • Receive live weather data and system alerts to help you make informed energy decisions
By downloading an app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can monitor your entire solar system with a holistic view of electricity generated, energy consumed, and available battery power. When combined with an energy storage system, you can select three operating modes: The default Self-Supply mode setting maximizes your use of solar by charging during daylight hours and using battery power in the evening. Reserve mode stores 100% of your battery in case of a power outage. Cost Savings mode limits your grid usage at peak times when electricity is most expensive.

U.S. Solar Energy’s
25-Year Warranty

Our comprehensive 25-year warranty covers your whole system (not just the panels), so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on

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