Make a difference by going solar

U.S. Solar Energy was founded on the principle that homeowners deserve cleaner, more reliable energy at a lower price.

We are committed to fundamentally changing our electricity infrastructure by transitioning from carbon-based energy sources to renewables. Installing solar on every suitable home in America is an integral component of achieving a brighter future.

Fossil fuels contribute to climate change, energy dependency, air pollution, and increased water usage and contamination.


The United States is dependent upon non-renewable fossil fuels to power its homes, run its businesses, and move people and goods around the country. Global energy markets are complex, and disruptions on one side of the planet can cause significant volatility in the electricity prices we pay back home in the U.S. With solar energy, you are in control of your energy costs.

Air Pollution

When fossil fuels are burned, they release toxins and pollutants into the air. These include mercury, lead, sulfur dioxide, particulates, and other heavy metals. Resulting health impacts from breathing in these toxins can range from asthma, heart problems, cancer, neurological disorders, and other health issues. Solar energy emits no air pollution, so you can breathe easy.

Water Contamination

Extracting fossil fuels generates enormous amounts of waste water – full of heavy metals and other pollutants – which can leak into our waterways and aquifers, and pollute our drinking water. Moreover, fossil fuel energy generation requires a lot of water. Thermoelectric plants (coal, natural gas, nuclear, and heavy fuel oil) use hundreds of billions of gallons each day. Solar energy uses almost no water.

A better tomorrow starts with cleaner energy today.

By choosing to go solar with U.S. Solar Energy, you will become part of a growing group of homeowners that have decided to take control of their energy and, in doing so, make a strong contribution to the health and well being of current and future generations.

U.S. Solar Energy and the Arbor Day Foundation

For every new customer, U.S. Solar Energy will support the planting of a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation.

These trees will be planted by foundation members in your state, resulting in cleaner air, a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere, better storm-water management, healthier soil, improved wildlife habitat, and energy-saving shade for homes and businesses.

Call U.S. Solar Energy today to make the transition to a brighter, renewable future.