We make going solar easy

Our Approach

We’re here to make your transition to solar energy as smooth as possible.

Our experts guide you every step, from an initial consultation to installation. Our customized solar solutions are paired with exceptional service to ensure that your system will save you money and meet your home energy needs.

Going solar in three easy steps

1. Design & Consultation

We’ll prepare a free solar design that looks great, is customized to your roof structure, and fits the aesthetic of your home. Then one of our solar advisors will reach out to discuss your energy usage and estimated solar savings.

2. Permitting & Installation

We take care of everything. Once we complete the permitting process, we schedule a day to install your system. Our solar advisors make certain the process is smooth and easy. If you ever have any questions, we’re just a phone call away.

3. Power On

After the final inspection is completed, your system is turned on and you begin saving money.

Ongoing Support

We take your system’s long-term performance seriously. Our Solar Advisors are always a phone call away. They are dedicated to you, answering questions and providing support related to your system.

Combined with our monitoring system that notifies you of system status and performance, we help you take control of your electricity use and savings

U.S. Solar Energy’s
25-Year Warranty

Our comprehensive 25-year warranty covers your whole system (not just the panels), so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on

Ready to go solar?

We are here to support you on your solar journey. Get in contact with one of our solar advisors today.

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